Commercial Ventures

Qatar Bakery

Qatar is one of the GCC which support WMO and the bakery and restaurant located on National Highway 212 at Variyad is the Qatar Chapter's contribution to WMO. It's meant for providing employment and sources of income for WMO.

Qatar Press

Also the result of the enthusiastic support from the Qatar Chapter, the press situated adjacent to WMO at Muttil, realizes the need for publications and printing of the whole institute and of the surrounding region. It gives employment too.

Shamsadha Diary

Primarily an agricultural economy, Wayand needs newer scaffolds of learning and technology in the farm sector. On a larger scale, it's the self-sufficiency of the famers that will support and enhance the Gen-Next. It's with this in mind that an agro-farm cluster was formed. Shamsadha Dairy was the first initiative under this cluster. The dairy supplies milk to WMO now. Surrounding regions will also come under its purview. Also paddy, coffee and pepper are grown in the area where the dairy is located. From these primary utilities, Shamsadha, which is financed by Rashid al Shasie of the UAE, will grow into a hub of learning, research and technology for the overall growth of the farm sector.

Shopping Complex

The shopping complex, located downtown Kalpatta is one of the primary sources of WMO's income. It's fully donated by people in the district.

Wood Industry

It was an institution meant for giving training to students in wood works and a commercial venture. Located at Wariyad, the industry started in 2001.

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