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English School (CBSE) Sulthan Bathery

It is this school through which WMO extended it wings from villages to a major township in Wayanad. It was in 1996 that the school was established

Green Mount

WMO Green Mount International School was established in 2009. At present stands up with 400 students on the roll. It is 34th institution among wayanad Muslim orphanage. Giving all the modern facility to the students of padinharathara town. WMO GMIS aims to provide excellent international education for students of all nationalities in a challenging multi-cultural environment.

High School and Vocational higher secondary school, Muttil

Half a decade after the LP/UP school was established, precisely in 1972, the upgraded high school and higher secondary school began functioning at Muttil- the first of its kind in the educationally backward village and surrounding areas.

High School and Higher Secondary school, Pinangode

The schooling initiative of WMO reached out from Muttil to 12 km afar- to a region named Pinangode- in as many years. Pinangode was/is educationally so backward that the school remains the pillar of their dreams.

English Academy, Muttil

The academy which gives schooling up to higher secondary level is the first Centre Board of Secondary Education-certified English school in Wayanad. The school was founded in 1993

Special school

WMO believes special school is misnomer. The visually, acoustically etc challenged are not the ones to be treated specially but as equal to other students. It is with this aim that our 'special school' was established at Muttil in 1993

English Academy, Vellamunda

The millennium 2000 was born in WMO with the foundation of an English Academy, the exact replica of the one at Muttil, at Vellimunda. About XXXXX students weave their dreams in the school.

Allana Daycare

This home of kids is located at WMO-Allana educational complex at Meenangadi. It's meant for children whose parents can't help leaving them for work. There are 40 kids in the daycare which is built on a plot donated by Allana Razak, Bombay.

Arts and science college, Muttil

The government-aided arts and science college, Muttil, was established back in 1995, when there were only a few colleges in Wayanad for higher academic learning. For the selection of candidates and the appointment of staff, the college gives priority to the orphans, especially the inmates of WMO. The college offers post-graduate degree courses in Physics, Arabic, Maths and Graduate level courses in Maths, Arabic, Commerce, English, Physics and Electronics

Arts and science college, Koolivayal

The college at Koolivayal runs in the self-financial sector and offers graduate-level courses in chemistry and computer science. This is the latest educational venture of the WMO.

Imam Gazzali Academy

The Cordoba-model minaret in IGA, Koolivayal, will stand out on your eyes from a long distance. The message it transpires is clear: the legacy of learning buried alive in Cordoba of Muslim Spain should be disinterred through a deep and extensive learning both in the religious and academic disciplines. The products of IGA are the post-graduates in academic as well as religious learning.

Darul Uloom Arabic College, Suthan Bathery

To mould Islamic scholars, who lead the society in all spheres of its activities, Darul Uloom Arabic College was established in 1979, one of the early WMO ventures. It offers religious education up to the level of graduation and special training in languages such as English, Arabic and Urdu as well as in the e-world.

Shareefa Fathima Thahfeedul Quran College

Named after the fond memories of Beevi Shareefa Fathima, wife of late Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal, the College for memorizing Quran was established in 2007. The duration and curriculum was so designed as to combine the close relationship of the students to the Holy text with the continuous mainstream education.

Hayathul Islam Madrassa

It's form where around 800 students from the WMO campus and surrounding region learn the basics of religious and ethical life from around 20 teachers. The Madrassa, under the Samastha Kerala Jameyatul Ulema, provides education up to the 10th standard.

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