Marriage Fest

To marry a girl off in the patriarchal, dowry-dominated social set-up in Kerala is the dream to be realized by decades' savings. Those who find it hard to make both the ends of their lives meet encounter this dream with helpless tears. Unfortunately, the rural economy of Wayanad has such people in plenty. WMO intervenes here by getting those girls married to the ones who are ready to choose them as their spouses at the annually held WMO marriage meet. Around five sovereigns of gold and money are given to the girls as their wedding gift.

The marriage fest was initiated as one of the ways to tackle social issues which had a bearing on the region as a whole. Indeed, an orphanage, or any educational institution for that matter, is not an end in itself. WMO envisages that the Orphange, which was the response to a social concern at that time, has to go beyond its campus and evolve as a shade and shelter for all those who had nothing but tears to express their burning heart. Unwed women who have long crossed the age for being better havles constitute a pressing social issue. And WMO intervened.

So far four marriage fests have been held at WMO. Hundred's of women, beyond regional, religious and community divides have been blessed with nuptial lives. They not only took their nuptial vows but were given spiritual, social and psychological tips on how to lead a good life. WMO's post-marital counseling program is meant for strengthening the wedlock's, thereby strengthening the society.

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